Equality Objectives


St. Patrick's R.C. Primary School is committed to ensuring equality of provision throughout the school community.

To achieve this, our equality objectives from January 2021 are as follows:


Objective 1: Ensure that a consistently good quality of teaching and learning enables pupils, particularly the most disadvantaged, to recover any lost learning, both in school and remotely.

Objective 2: Ensure that the curriculum promotes cultural awareness, reflects diversity, challenges stereotypes and delivers the intent to be ‘ambassadors for change’.

Objective 3: Ensure that pupils’ emotional well-being is prioritised alongside their academic achievement.


Why have we chosen these objectives?

? Following the Covid-19 pandemic, school recognises that some of our pupils have been disproportionately disadvantaged due to a lack of access to technology & learning during national lockdown.

? Our equality policy needs to impact on the curriculum and our own practice.

? Governors, leaders & staff recognise the importance of emotional well-being. Some pupils need additional support with their emotions and well-being if they are to access our curriculum.

These objectives represent the school’s priorities and are the outcome of a careful review and analysis of data and other information. They also take into account national and local priorities and issues.


Please click here to download a copy of our equality policy.

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