Our Parish

St.Patrick's RC Primary School is part of a trio of schools that come under the parish of St. Patrick and St. Malachy.

Our parish priest is Fr. Jim Clarke and our parish link sister is Sr. Anne.

St. Patrick's R.C. Primary School
Livesey Street, Collyhurst, Manchester, M4 4HF


St. Malachy's R.C. Primary School
Eggington Street, Collyhurst, Manchester, M40 7RN


Parish Priest's Contact Details

Fr. Jim Clarke,

St Patrick’s Church,

2 Nobby Stiles Drive,

Collyhurst, Manchester,

M4 4FA

Telephone: 0161 832 7464

Email: revjimclarke@yahoo.co.uk


Mass Times


Saturday         9.ooam Exposition 9:30am Mass in St Bridget's Room

                         Confessions directly after Saturday Mass         


Weekend Mass times


Saturday          6:30 p.m. St Malachy’s

Sunday             10.00 a.m. Mass St Patrick’s

Sunday             9:30 a.m.

            11:30 a.m. Mass (signed for the deaf)