Year 5 - Mrs Chamberlain

Welcome to Year 5

Have a look on our class page to see the exciting topics that we are exploring this year. We willl be looking at a range of historical, geographical and scientific subject areas to boaden our knowledge of the world. 

We hope you enjoy reading the brief introduction to each of our curriculum areas. Remember to follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with all our learning and expereinces of these engaging lessons. 


Autumn Term


Travel back 5000 years to the dusty realms of ancient Egypt.  Cruise along the Nile, entering a world of mysteries and curses, mummies and kings. 

Find out about life on the river’s fertile banks, discovering Egypt and its fantastic culture. 

Unravel the secrets of ancient tombs, using historical sources and age-old artefacts.  Find out about powerful pharaohs and grandiose gods.

Help the chief embalmer prepare a body for its journey into the afterlife.

Now open the doorway to ancient Egypt - who knows what treasures you will find?


Spring Term

A child's war

A siren sounds, a building crumbles, a Spitfire zooms overhead, Take Cover! It’s 1939 and Britain is at war. Dee down in the Anderson shelter, learn why nations are fighting and why child evacuees must make the long journey from their homes and families into unknown territory.

Read the diary of Anne Frank, written whilst hiding from the terryifying stormtroppers in a secret annexe, and try to empathise with her hopes and fears.

Make do and mend - and cook up a family meal from meagre rations. Delve deep into a bygone era, when loose lips sank ships.

And, as peace is declared, let’s get ready to celebrate. Mr Churchill says ‘It’s and unconditional surrender!’


Darwin's Delights

Ship ahoy! We’re off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew on HMS Beagle. Can you trace his route across the vast ocean?

Stop at the magical Galapagos Islands to see the amazing species that helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Do you know what’s so special about a lava lizard? Or why the blue-footed booby has blue feet?

See how animals adapt to their environment over time and meet some of the world’s greatest explorers and imagine how humans will evolve in millions of years. It’s a scary thought!



Dig deep and make your own tubs and planters and nurture your greens. 

Harvest your crops and make soups and dishes of seasonal foods that taste delicious. 

Learn about farms and where food comes from, writing reports on worldwide produce. 

Establish your own farmers market, harvest your crops and work out your prices, making sure your make a profit not a loss!


Hola Mexico!

Welcome to Mexico! Get ready to explore this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography to its pulsing rhythms and fun-packed festivals.

Tummy rumbling? Concoct a traditional fruit cocktail or delicious Mexican meal. Dsicover the mysterious world of the ancient Maya civilisation.

Make their chocolate, learn their poetry, play their ballgame and follow all their curious rituals.

Just try to keep your head!