Year 1 - Miss Waldron

Welcome to Year 1!

Here you will find out about the different learning adventures that we are having in our class this year.  

We hope that you enjoy discovering what we are doing this year. Don't forget to see our updates on our facebook page.


Autumn Term

Splendid Skies

Imaginative Learning Project for Year 1 Children

Imagine floating high above land and sea on a bed of clouds, silently sweeping by on a billowing breeze.

Back down to earth, let's take a walk outdoors. But what should we wear? Wellington boots? A sun hat? Maybe a warm coat? How do we know what the weather will be like today?

Read and write poems and postcards...and, if you don’t like today’s weather report, why not write your own?

Send a message by balloon. Up, up and away it goes, high in the sky and over the rainbow. How far will the wind blow it? Where will it land and who will find it? 

What weather do you prefer? Sunshine, snow, storms or showers? Get your wellies on - let's go!


Street Detectives

This way or that way? Where should we go? Up to the local shops or down to the playing fields? Let’s learn about our local community, looking at houses old and new and finding out how our streets have changed since our mums and dads were young. Perhaps your granny or grandpa went to your school or maybe they worked in the baker’s shop?

Make maps and plans of the streets around us, planning our routes. What can you see? What can we find? Whereabouts do you live? Do you know your address?

Find out how to write instructions, directions, adverts and learn rhymes all about our community from different times.

When the Lord Mayor writes and asks us to help make our street a better place, it’s time to get your thinking caps on and paint brushes at the ready!

Ready to roll, Street Detectives? It's time to get your clipboards and cameras.... it's time to start investigating!

Spring Term

Dinosaur Planet

Stomp, crash RRAGH! Watch out everyone – the dinosaurs are on the prowl!

They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth…

Let’s explore the Dinosaur planet! Imagine you’re a palaeontologist (that’s a scientist who studies bones and fossils). Dig deep and discover dazzling dinosaur facts.

Create your own dinosaur museum and invite visitors to see your awesome dinosaur artefacts. You could even do a dinosaur dance or produce some prehistoric percussion!

Which is your favourite dinosaur? The Tyrannosaurus rex, the Brachiosaurus or the Micropachycephalosaurus?

Doyouthinkkesawus? Yes he did…RUN! 

The Scented Garden

Tiptoe through the tulips as your senses discover the blooming foliage and enchanting fragrances of flowers and herbs. Round and round the mulberry bush we go, planting bulbs and seeds and then watch them grow beneath sunshine and showers.

Explore the astounding world of the scented garden, but be careful, there are some wild and dangerous plants out there that do astonishing things – just don’t touch!

Use the marvellous properties of plants, flowers and herbs to make an exceptional gift for somebody special.

Everything is coming up roses! Why not grow your own?

Summer Term

Moon Zoom

Imaginative Learning Project for Year 1 Children

CRASH! What's that in the playground? Let's go outside and take a look. Stand back everyone - it looks like a UFO has crash-landed!

Find out who might have landed by exploring the craft and investigating scattered scientific specimens. Create a 'Welcome to Earth' box for an alien explorer. What can you put in it to help explain what life is like on our planet? 

Would you you like to be an astronaut? You'll need a pretty sturdy spacecraft if you do. Start of small by making an air propelled rocket.. WHOOSH! How far can you make it travel?

Find out the names of the planets. There's Mercury, Neotune, Mars and... Do you know any others? I've forgotten the rest!

Are you ready for take off? Hold tight... 5-4-3-2-1... BLAST OFF!

Rio de Vida


Hot, hot, hot! Dancing feet, step to the samba beat! Shake it, shimmy, hands in the air, wave your flags in the cool night air.

Come join the party down in Rio, keeping the rhythm with your party shaker! Bright colours, patterns and feathers... Can you make a headdress or party mask?

In this topic we will meet magical creatures from Brazil's myths and legends and create our own too.... Be as fancy as you like! 

We will practise our football skills and plan a celebration with fabulous music and song. Let's invite parents and friends, they can all come along too.


St. Patrick's two year cycle for topics taught in Year 1.


Cycle A

Cycle B

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Splendid Skies

Memory Box

Street Detectives


Dinosaur Planet

The Enchanted Woodland

The Scented Garden

Paws, Claws and Whiskers

Moon Zoom

Land Ahoy!

Rio de Vida