Below you will find some links to a few useful websites. They will help you to ensure the safety and well-being of your child when they are using the internet.


Cyber Cafe: An easy to use resource which covers many of the eSafety key messages within the cafe environment.


Hector's World: Hector's World is an easy to use resource which shows some of the key messages of eSafety in a fun and interesting way.  Learn with Hector as he stumbles upon various eSafety dilemmas.


Cybersense:  This is a new cyberbullying resource which our school is currently piloting.  It includes some videos you can use to stimulate discussions at home around staying safe online.


Internet 101: Lots of activities, videos and advice covering many eSafety issues, such as cyberbullying, the key eSafety rules. Includes resources that can be used alongside the videos.


Know It All: This site has lots of useful eSafety resources.


Safesurfing with Doug: The well known Disney character, Doug, helps children to understand the importance of eSafety using stories and games. You can print out your own personal charter displaying the eSafety rules you will follow. These also include a forfeit, such as washing the dishes for 2 weeks if the rules are broken.


Supporting your Child's Learning: A useful document giving lots of parental advice on keeping children safe on the Internet.


Vodaphone: The digital parenting magazine offers excellent advice.